Clinic Learning & Training

Responsibility for clinic learning and training was transferred from Legal Aid Ontario, to the ACLCO, in June 2016, on a two-year pilot basis. The program will operate in accordance with an Interim Policy for the duration of the two year pilot, and an Interim Clinic Learning and Training Committee has been appointed for this period.

The purpose of the ACLCO Clinic Learning and Training Program is to support, promote, foster and coordinate learning and knowledge sharing for all staff and board members in the clinic system. As well, the Program supports the work of inter-clinic work groups that are sharing knowledge and developing litigation, community development, systemic advocacy and law reform strategies.

For more information contact Marnie Hayes

Contact Information

Marnie Hayes
Manager of Clinic Learning & Development
Association of Commity Legal Clinics of Ontario (ACLCO)
Association des Cliniques Juridiques Communautaries de L'Ontario (ACJCO)
416-847-1420 or 1-866-965-1416 extension 5292